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What are these statistics about?

Revolutionize your stock strategy with the ultimate tool for gap analysis. GAP UP STATS quickly scans the market for gap opportunities and delivers in-depth performance statistics, giving you the insight you need to make informed investment decisions.

Say goodbye to hours of manual research and hello to lightning-fast analysis. With detailed data at your fingertips, you can easily evaluate if your current strategy aligns with a stock’s past performance. Make data-driven trades and take your trading to the next level with GAP UP STATS.

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What stats does the script provide?

Gap Up Stats:

  • FROM (Years Ago): Value of the “ago” variable (number of years ago for the statistics calculation).
  • Gaps Above (Value of “Gap” variable): Number of gaps above a certain percentage.
  • Avg spike from Open: Average spike percentage from the opening price to high of the day.
  • Avg Range: Average range (high – low) of gap-up bars.
  • Previous Gap Day Volume: Volume of the previous gap-up day.

When Close is Below Open:

  • Close Below Open: Percentage of gap-up bars where the closing price is below the opening price.
  • Avg. Fade From Open: Average fade percentage from the opening price to the close of the day.
  • Avg. low From Open: Average percentage difference between the low and opening price.

When Close is Above Open:

  • Close Above Open: Percentage of gap-up bars where the closing price is above the opening price.
  • Avg. High From Open: Average percentage difference between the high and opening price.
  • Close From Open: Average percentage gain from the opening price to close.