Trend lines are lines that are drawn on a price chart to connect two or more price points. They are used to help traders identify the direction of a trend and to anticipate potential areas of support or resistance.

There are three main types of trend lines:

  1. Upward trend lines: These lines are drawn by connecting two or more consecutive higher lows. They indicate an uptrend and suggest that prices are likely to continue moving higher.
  2. Downward trend lines: These lines are drawn by connecting two or more consecutive lower highs. They indicate a downtrend and suggest that prices are likely to continue moving lower.
  3. Sideways trend lines: These lines are drawn horizontally to connect two or more consecutive highs or lows. They indicate a range-bound market where prices are moving sideways within a certain price range.

Trend lines are important because they can help traders identify key levels of support and resistance. When prices approach a trend line, traders will often look for other technical indicators to confirm whether the trend line will hold or break. If a trend line is broken, it can be a signal that the trend is changing direction, and traders may adjust their trading strategies accordingly.

For this reason, we have decided to make our members’ lives easier by providing them with a powerful tool that can analyze and draw trends automatically.

Trend Painter 1.0 is a trading indicator that helps traders identify trends in the markets. It works by drawing trend lines on the price chart that represent the current trend direction, and the number of trend lines can be customized. The indicator also calculates the angle of each trend line and tracks the highest and lowest prices of the current trend.
REMEBER by default, the Trend Painter indicator analyzes the chart. You can zoom in or out, change the timeframe as you prefer, and it will analyze what it can see in the chart. However, if you want to anchor the starting point, you can do so by enabling the anchor option in the indicator’s properties.

Trend Painter 1.0 has several customizable options.

  • The delay parameter refers to the number of candles required to be above or below the trend before it is recalculated.
  • The longest trend lines parameter determines whether to display only the longest trend lines or all calculated trend lines.
  • The uptrend lines and downtrend lines parameters allow traders to specify the number of trend lines to display for each direction.

The indicator also has an anchor option that lets traders choose from which date to anchor the trend analysis. This can be useful when analyzing longer-term trends.

To use Trend Painter 1.0, traders need to add it to their TradingView chart and adjust the parameters as desired. The indicator then automatically draws the trend lines on the chart and updates them as the price moves. Traders can use the trend lines to identify potential entry and exit points and to better understand the current market conditions.

Trend Painter 1.0 is a powerful tool for any trader looking to improve their trend analysis and gain a better understanding of market conditions. It is part of our bundle subscription , which provides access to all of our TradingView indicators.

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