Our tradingview’s bundle subscription comes with 14 powerful indicators that our users will have access to.

Some of our indicators are grouped for the user avoid to many indicators on his chart.

All updates, improvements or new indicators will be added to this bundle for free and automatically for all our subscribers.

Note: Thess Indicators are for entertainment purposes only and are not a recommendation to buy or sell a security

Our indicators are:

Is the best trend hunter on the market, it comes with statistics that help you calibrate it for each ticker and your strategy. Works on FOREX, FUTURES ,STOCKS and CRYPTOS, without a doubt a tool to have!
This epic tool is our newest indicator and aims to identify areas of price that are “exhausted”. Think of it like an RSI – but FAR superior!
Volume Forecast
This tool is well known by many and without a doubt the most powerful volume analysis you can have!
Pivot Pro
This indicator is our highly successful custom pivot tool that uses the power of historical data to find actionable levels!
This indicator is for moving average lovers to be able to ANCHOR them from anywhere they like!
Our first indicator, truly has a special place in our hearts. We wrote code to pull gap & price data instantly on ANY STOCK!
Abnormal Volume
This volume tool identifies when BIG abnormal volume is coming into a stock. You know what happens next!
MA Finder
A technological first of its kind, we wrote code to identify which moving average is in play on any stock, any time frame!
Float Rotation
A visual alert will appear every time the float has been rotated. Perfect for momentum traders!
“Where is support?” – This indicator aims to identify exactly that. It has won the hearts of “buy the dip” traders across the trading world!
A must have for identifying where bullish and bearish action occurs. A visual masterpiece for trend analysis!
For Swing trading and bigger picture trades, this indicator is a longer term trend analysis that is truly special!
Instant Fundamentals
Much like our “Gap Stats” – we wrote code to instantly pull fundamental data on ANY STOCK!
Risk Reward
Don’t you struggle to properly identify your setups risk and reward? This tool will guide you to help make sure you are on the right side of risk management!

Note: Thess Indicators are for entertainment purposes only and are not a recommendation to buy or sell a security

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