Abnormal Volume

Volume analysis is a fundamental element of the trading world, especially in the world of small caps. You need to recognize when the waves start, so you can have a huge advantage, especially for races.

Our indicator is based on the analysis of the pre-market volume, as well as the volume of the day, (candle by candle). It calculates a reference value that leads to determine if the volume coming in is significant compared to others.

There can’t be a race without these pretty arrows starting to appear. As long as the race is still in motion, it will continue to move forward, but as soon as it stops, it will be immediately recognizable that the race is ending.

This indicator is ideal for both longs and shorts runs. As long it helps you recognize the possible start of the run. Also, if it remains strong, is a great help to the short type ones, since you are out of danger while the abnormal volume is entering.

As with all our indicators, it is necessary to have a strategy.

Additional indicators that perform very well with abnormal volume includes:



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