Unlock your #trading potential with MYTRENDY – the powerful technical analysis indicator designed to help you identify market trends quickly and effectively. Our innovative research approach prioritizes strong trend identification over high accuracy, resulting in a higher risk/reward ratio in your favor. Start making informed decisions and reach your financial goals with MYTRENDY. #investing #finance #stockmarket

Risk/Reward is a key concept in trading. Simply put, it’s the balance between the amount of money you stand to lose (risk) and the amount of money you stand to gain (reward) on a trade. For example, if you want to risk $100 on a trade and set your stop 1 dollar from your entry, you would buy 100 shares. This means that your potential loss is limited to $100, or 100 shares with a $1 loss per share. Understanding and managing risk/reward is crucial for successful trading.

Maximize your profits with the power of Risk/Reward! With each dollar the stock moves in your favor, you have the potential to earn an equal amount of money. For example, if the stock moves up by $1, you would earn $100 – 1 times your risk. And, if it moves up by $2, you would earn $200 – twice your risk. Harness the full potential of your trades and reach your financial goals with the savvy use of Risk/Reward.

Unlock your trading success with a strong Risk/Reward ratio. A 50% winrate combined with a 4 to 1 RR (risk/reward) means that on average, you’ll win 4 times your risk for every successful trade. This means that even with half of your trades being successful, you’ll still come out ahead thanks to the generous reward potential. Stay ahead of the game with a balanced Risk/Reward strategy.

The secret to successful trading is balancing risk and reward. That’s why at MYTRENDY, we prioritize a favorable risk/reward ratio over a high winrate. By sacrificing a little bit on the winrate front, we’re able to achieve greater returns and maximize the potential of each trade. Join us in our mission to revolutionize the world of trading with the power of Risk/Reward. #trading #investing

It’s important to note that our focus on favorable risk/reward ratios and winrates is solely to demonstrate the accuracy of our trend analysis. At MYTRENDY, we’re dedicated to providing traders with the tools and insights they need to make informed decisions and achieve their financial goals.

MYTRENDY is a technical analysis tool, not a trade recommendation service. That’s why we don’t prescribe specific entry or exit points. Our subscribers have the flexibility to study and use our indicator in their own unique way. With MYTRENDY, you’re in control of your trades and your financial future..


MYTRENDY has two inputs:

ake your trading to the next level with MYTRENDY’s flexible Length input! Choose the number of bars you want the indicator to analyze to identify trends in the market. While 50 or 200 bars are our recommended values, you can experiment with different lengths to find the best risk/reward for your selected ticker. Empower your analysis and maximize your returns with MYTRENDY

Maximize your market insights with MYTRENDY’s Factor input! The Factor input allows you to control the proximity of your trailing stop to the current market action. Decide how much room you want to give the market to determine a trend change. Fine-tune your analysis and take your trading strategy to the next level with MYTRENDY.

We recommend a factor of 10, but each user can play with these parameters to suit their style.


Unleash the full potential of MYTRENDY with its advanced statistics! Track your performance and improve your trading strategy with the following metrics:

  • TRADES: Analyze the number of trades from the past
  • WINRATE: See the percentage of winning trades
  • AVG WIN Rs: Calculate the average return of your winning trades
  • AVG LOSS Rs: Evaluate the average loss of your losing trades
  • AVG R/R: Determine the average Risk/Reward ratio

Remember, MYTRENDY ensures that you never lose more than 1R as the stop is determined from the beginning of each trade.

SINCE: The indicator analyzes all past data, and the starting date is determined based on the number of bars TradingView allows us to view. For TradingView premium accounts, 20,000 bars can be loaded, whereas pro and pro+ accounts only allow 10,000 bars.

For Any Questions, Reach Out to Our Community:

Got a question? No problem, ask away! Our forum is here to help you, we want to encourage all traders to share their questions with us and to help each other.

Compatibility: MYTRENDY works seamlessly with stocks, futures, forex, ETFs, and cryptos. Our recommended timeframe is 1-5 minutes.

Note: MYTRENDY is for educational and support purposes only, and should not be used as a buy or sell signal under any circumstances. It is up to the user to interpret the analysis and make informed decisions based on their own research and analysis.