The Scripts To Trade team is proud to announce a technological FIRST in the trading industry, the only Moving Average indicator you’ll ever need, MA FINDER! So, what exactly is all the HYPE surrounding this indicator, you may ask? Well, what if we told you that our team wrote code to identify which Moving Average is being used on ANY stock (Large Cap or Small Cap), FUTURES /IDEXES AND FOREX at ANY time? Until today, you would probably scoff in disbelief. After all, that is like having CHEAT CODES! To give you an idea of how POWERFUL this indicator is, it has 30,000 possible combinations per timeframe! This is IMPOSSIBLE to do manually, and EXTREMELY hard to do with code which is why it has never been done – UNTIL NOW BY OUR TEAM! This is EXACTLY what we have done here at Scripts To Trade and it is now available to the trading community.

So, how does it work?

Moving Averages are by far one of the most popular indicators in a traders arsenal, and for good reason. When speaking to Moving Average traders, you’ll often hear of their favorite combos such as the “Golden Cross” when the 50 SMA crosses the 200 SMA , signalling a bullish trend change. However, this is simply STONE AGE analysis. Our indicator caters to ALL of the epic Moving Average types: SMA , EMA , WEIGHTED, WILDERS, VOLUME WEIGHTED, and HULL! Forget your favorite combos for now, because our indicator tells you EXACTLY what Moving Average period is being respected on your favorite stock/index RIGHT NOW! Imagine having the POWER to see the Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Moving Averages respected. How would that change your GAME PLAN for the stock? We simply cannot say enough amazing things about this indicator and the trading community is already going CRAZY about it! Harness the POWER of the MA FINDER for your next LONG OR SHORT trade! Simply choose from “Today”, “Yesterday”, “Weekly”, “Monthly” or “Yearly”, and select the time frame you wish to view. The only time there will be no Moving Average detected, is when no Moving Average was respected. Grab your copy of this ground breaking technology today, available now exclusively for TradingView!.

How It Works:

1.) In the “Today” timeframe, the MA Finder looks for the Moving Average from 6:00am EST, to 9:30am EST. At 9:30am, the MA FINDER will plot what moving average was being respected, and may continue to be in play for the rest of the day!

2.) Yesterday’s time frame searches for the moving average that was respected YESTERDAY, but is shown TODAY (For potential trades and to see if trend can hold)

3.) The WEEKLY time frame is what moving average was respected LAST WEEK, but shown THIS WEEK (For potential trades and to see if trend can hold)

4.) The MONTHLY time frame is what moving average was respected LAST MONTH, but shown THIS MONTH (For potential trades and to see if trend can hold)

5.) The YEARLY time frame is what moving average was respected LAST YEAR, but shown THIS YEAR (For potential trades and to see if trend can hold)

Created For: Small Caps, Large Caps, Futures /Indexes and Forex Markets

Note: This Indicator is for entertainment purposes only and is not a recommendation to buy or sell a security


If the indicator says N/A, it means that with the chosen period there isn’t a moving average that was respected. For this we recommend looking at higher timeframes.


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