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Subscription Question

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How long is the $97 subscription valid for? 1 year?

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Hi Anton all our tradingview indicators come as a bundle for a 97usd/month subscription.
you will get access to 14 indicators , all updates and new indicators to come.
We invite you to use STT10 discount code for a 10% discount.

if you plan to buy 3 or more months in advance we can offer you a special discount, please contact us via email support@scriptstotrade.com , twitter @scriptstotrade or via our website live chat

Thank you

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For a limited time and with the intention of helping our Traders family, we are reducing the subscription/renewal price from 97 USD/MONTH to 50 USD/month, for this reason there is no discount code available.
Remember that you can buy as many months in advance as you want