Collection: VOLUME FORECAST (Credit: AllDayFaders)

IT'S HERE! YOUR ULTIMATE VOLUME ANALYSIS JOURNEY STARTS TODAY! The Scripts To Trade team is proud to announce what we FIRMLY believe is the MOST POWERFUL volume tool available anywhere to our clients - for the FIRST time ever. After 1,500+ custom indicator jobs completed for our clients to date - we know a thing or two about indicators. We can safely say that there is NO VOLUME INDICATOR that can perform on the level of a Volume Forecast!

What is a Volume Forecast?

EVERYONE wants to know - what is this incredible tool that the trading community speaks so highly of? This amazing technology was pioneered by AllDayFaders (@Team3dstocks). Without his endless contributions to the trading community, this launch would not be possible. As many of you are aware, only the 'Elite' traders have had access to this tool. This is because the technology is highly complex, leaving most retail traders in the dark when it comes to creating their own version of it. THAT CHANGES TODAY! Our team is proud to give traders the opportunity to access OUR version of the Volume Forecast, which we have been using privately for a long time.

How does it work?

The Volume Forecast is a model which calculates previous and current volume to predict future volume. It's main function is for stocks that gap, to determine whether price has the volume to sustain the gap (and move higher) or not. Volume Forecast may be the most important filter a professional trader adds to their arsenal. Our forecast will appear 15 minutes after market open. The indicator is calculating volume up until this time. As many traders are aware, volume PRECEDES price. This makes the Volume Forecast an extremely valuable tool for traders whether long or short!

How To Use Volume Forecast?

Volume Forecast is NOT a standalone indicator, nor is it a BUY/SELL indicator. However, it may be the ULTIMATE confirmation indicator for your trade plan that you have been missing ALL ALONG. We have done the heavy lifting for you by releasing this immensely powerful tool, and now your work begins! How does the Volume Forecast fit into your trading plan? That is up to each trader individually! Can you use it to prevent getting squeezed? Can you use it to know when to cover shorts? Can you use it to hold shorts longer? Can you use it to go long? The answer to these questions will be found in the data for your trading system!

Our Volume Forecast is for stocks that are $2-25 in price, and have gapped at least 19%.

HERE ARE THE NUMBERS YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR! Over many THOUSANDS of examples - our team has identified some SIGNIFICANT stats that we are willing to share with you.

A.) In our data if the stock breaks the Volume Forecast, price has an estimated 16% chance to continue fading. You read that right. This means that if the forecast breaks, 84% of the time price will EITHER stop fading, OR start spiking. IMAGINE what having this tool could do for your trading.

B.) Over 92% of the stocks that spike and run big have a broken Volume Forecast.

For traders who did NOT build their own Forecast, having a ton of random numbers generating on your screen will likely NOT help you. That is why our team has built out multiple visual alerts to assist in what the numbers mean, what the indicator is doing, to help you incorporate this amazing tool into your trading strategies!

Our Forecast comes with killer visual features such as:

1.) A green dot that will appear on your chart if the Volume Forecast has been broken with the words "VF BROKEN" beneath it

2.) Volume Categories to show you EXACTLY what the stock youre trading is looking like
- "Slightly Weak" (Price going sideways or slightly fading is likely)
- "Weak" (Price fading is likely)
- "Very Weak" (Price fading is very likely)
- "Strong" (Price moving lower is somewhat unlikely)
- "Very Strong" (Price moving lower is very unlikely)
- "Extremely Strong" (Price moving lower is extremely unlikely)

NOTE These three "Strong, Very Strong, and Extremely Strong" descriptions above to NOT apply if price has already went parabolic or spiked, and this is very subjective. Do NOT use these bullet points above or any info on this page as BUY/SELL reccomendations. Study how the Volume Forecast works with your system!

3.) Volume Analyzer: This tool was created to give LIVE updates on volume status. It is incredibly useful to determine the strength of volume IN BETWEEN major volume brackets. If the Volume Analyzer breaks above 100% - a green dot will appear on the chart, alerting you that the Volume Forecast has been broken.





PLEASE READ: THIS INDICATOR IS NOT ON AUTO-RENEWAL. Please be mindful of your subscription date. All users who end their subscription lose their spot in line, and the next person will replace their subscription spot until we reach our 300 seat maximum capacity once more. Once you have subscribed to the "VOLUME FORECAST" indicator, please use our chat feature on the website, DM us on twitter or email us at scriptstotrade@gmail.com, to confirm your name and TradingView username. You MUST contact us with this info for us to activate your VOLUME FORECAST indicator on TradingView. All purchases will have access to the indicator as soon as possible, and always within 24 hours.

Once you get access to it you will receive a notification. Favorite the script and refresh the page.

Created For: Small Caps. (Note: This Indicator is for entertainment purposes only and is not a recommendation to buy or sell a security)

The "VOLUME FORECAST" indicator ONLY works with full market data on the TradingView platform. Their data usually costs a small fee, but if you click our affiliate link below you will get a $30 credit that you can use for 3 free months of full market data on the TradingView platform. This link is for new accounts only.




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