The Scripts To Trade Subscription Bundle!

ITS HERE! The Scripts To Trade indicator bundle for Tradingview is officially live!

Over the years, our team has created what many people believe are the BEST premium trading indicators available for the equities markets. From high level volume analysis to superior support and resistance indicator options, instant data indicators and more - our list of tools will give you an edge unlike anything else available.

Our clients have requested many times for us to offer a bundle where they could experience ALL of our indicators at once, and we have finally done it!

Included in this bundle are 13 of our highly rated indicators for the tradingview platform. Additionally, all subscribers will get ALL FUTURE INDICATORS on tradingview at no extra cost!

- What’s Included In The Bundle? -

- Exhaustion
This epic tool is our newest indicator and aims to identify areas of price that are “exhausted”. Think of it like an RSI - but FAR superior!


- Volume Forecast
This tool is well known by many and without a doubt the most powerful volume analysis you can have!

- PivotPro
This indicator is our highly successful custom pivot tool that uses the power of historical data to find actionable levels!


This indicator is for moving average lovers to be able to ANCHOR them from anywhere they like!


Our first indicator, truly has a special place in our hearts. We wrote code to pull gap & price data instantly on ANY STOCK!


- Abnormal Volume
This volume tool identifies when BIG abnormal volume is coming into a stock. You know what happens next!


- MA Finder
A technological first of its kind, we wrote code to identify which moving average is in play on any stock, any time frame!


- Float Rotation
A visual alert will appear every time the float has been rotated. Perfect for momentum traders!


“Where is support?” - This indicator aims to identify exactly that. It has won the hearts of “buy the dip” traders across the trading world!


- Sentiment
A must have for identifying where bullish and bearish action occurs. A visual masterpiece for trend analysis!


- The NET
For Swing trading and bigger picture trades, this indicator is a longer term trend analysis that is truly special!


- Instant Fundamentals
Much like our “Gap Stats” - we wrote code to instantly pull fundamental data on ANY STOCK!


- Risk Reward
Don’t you struggle to properly identify your setups risk and reward? This tool will guide you to help make sure you are on the right side of risk management!

As many of our clients know, our aim is to truly help the community. That is why our indicator package will not be $300/month, $200/month or even $100/month.

The first 500 subscribers will be able to lock in our special launch price of $75/month for life! This deal is first come, first served and will not last long. Please use promo code STT75, or ask one of our affiliate partners for their code.

Please Note:

You will need a Tradingview “Pro” account with full market data to use our indicators. If you do not yet have a Tradingview Account, you may use our affiliate link below for a $30 credit (New Accounts Only)

Once purchased, you MUST DM us on Twitter, Instagram, or live messenger on our website with your tradingview username to gain access!

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