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Short Sellers: THE TIME HAS COME! After careful consideration, the Scripts To Trade team has decided to release one of our private, (and very powerful) indicators to the public that caters to short selling. This indicator will ONLY be available on the TradingView platform, and will be a monthly subscription. To sign up for TradingView, please find the link at the bottom of this page.
So, now that you're here why should you be excited about this release, and what is ALL the hype about? For the first time ever, we are now offering the opportunity for the general public to gain access to a powerful tool that only the Scripts To Trade team has had access to. In our quest to develop as a traders, we are sure you are aware that the more forms of analysis we can utilize in our approach to markets, often times the better. Introducing: "BACKSIDE". With over 700+ signals tested through 2020/2021, our "Backside" indicator has a truly impressive track record that we are excited to now share with the public. So, what exactly is it? Backside is comprised of a very powerful combination of price action,time analysis and volume analysis indicators. The "Backside" indicator is a result of many years of refining and testing, and aims to utilize multiple components of trading analysis (Price, Time, and Volume) to determine when a major shift in momentum and trend is likely to occur, based on our approach and experience. Are you primarily a short biased trader that has struggled to capture the "Back Side" of the move? In our opinion, most short sellers have a difficult time because they only use one or two filters when looking for a qualified setup. In our experience, MUCH more is required for optimal performance. This "Backside" indicator is a 10-filter approach that we believe traders of all experience levels can benefit from. The "Backside" indicator is not a complete trading system, nor should it be treated as such. It is however a very powerful addition to your analysis, unlike ANYTHING we have ever seen available to the public prior to this. If you are a short seller in the small cap market, you simply do not want to miss out on this tool! Just take a look at the daily signals here and on our social media, and read our reviews to see for yourself. Begin your journey of ADVANCED analysis today!

How Backside Works: The "Backside" indicator comes equipped with a Control Panel. This easily allows traders to identify if the stock they are watching qualifies for a Backside alert. The control panel has 4 qualifications to meet before a backside signal can appear. The first qualification on the control panel is the "Volume Condition". When the volume condition gets to 100%, the volume aspect of the indicator is complete and now we must look for the other aspects to qualify. The second condition to meet before a Backside signal can occur, is the price range of the stock that a trader is looking at. Backside was created for the $2/share-$25/share price range. If the stock that a trader is looking at is in this $2/share-$25/share price range, the control panel will say "Check". Now, 2 of the 4 parameters have been met before a backside signal can occur. The third qualification to meet on the control panel is the "Over Extended" criteria. If price is ABOVE the blue line, this qualifies as "Over Extended" and will also say "Check" on your control panel, to confirm that 3 of the 4 qualifications have been met. The 4th and final qualification to meet is called the "Backside Trigger". This is where a "Pre-Alert" may appear on your chart, letting you know that the Backside indicator has almost met all of its criteria to complete its analysis, and to be alert. The control panel will also give you a number from 0-100. Once the Backside Trigger reaches 100, this means all of the criteria have been met inside the indicator and you will now see a "Backside" alert arrow in green appear.

During the creation and testing of "Backside" the Scripts To Trade team has always considered a new high of day after a "Backside" alert a failed signal. However, please follow your own trade plan and personal risk tolerance.

Easy Steps: 1.) Volume Condition must meet 100% - once it does the control panel will say "check"

2.) Is the stock in the $2-$25 range? If so, the control panel will say "check"

3.) Is price above the blue line? If so, the control panel will say "check"

4.) Has a "Pre-Alert" appeared! And has the "Backside Trigger" reached 100? If so, the analysis is now complete and you will see a Backside Signal.

PLEASE READ: Once you have subscribed to the "Backside" indicator, please use our chat feature on the website or email us at scriptstotrade@gmail.com, to confirm your name and TradingView username. You MUST contact us with this info for us to activate your Backside indicator on TradingView. All purchases will have access to the Backside indicator as soon as possible, and always within 24 hours

The "Backside" indicator ONLY works with full market data on the TradingView platform. Their data usually costs a small fee, but if you click our affiliate link below you will get a $30 credit that you can use for 3 free months of full market data on the TradingView platform. This link is for new accounts only.



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