Cobra Trading: The Best Broker For Retail Traders!

Welcome back trading family! We are SUPER excited to share our experience with who we now consider the BEST broker for retail traders: Cobra Trading.

What a statement, right? After all – that’s a tall order!
Let us briefly explain how we came to this conclusion and why we are proud to be officially partnered with this company as an affiliate.

First, let’s call a spade a spade. Choosing the right broker can be downright tough. It is very important for traders to do their due diligence as this is the focal point to all of our trading transactions. It is therefore no secret that a broker must have the best technology, pricing, dependability and customer service under one roof.
Often times many brokers have one or two of these, but severely lack in other areas.

Equally important, while most traders are familiar with determining their ‘risk vs reward’ on their trading setups, they often overlook the cost to do business (Short locates, Commisions, Platform Fees, Etc) to make sure they coincide with their personal risk tolerance and system potential. This is one reason why choosing the right broker is so important for our careers. If you’ve ever heard the term “Death by a thousand papercuts” – you would not be wrong to use this phrase to describe some of the worst brokers practices in our industry.
This is another way Cobra Trading is different – and truly SHINES. Here is our experience with Cobra trading and our TOP 5 reasons why Cobra Trading wins the “best broker” title in our opinion!

1.) SUPERB CUSTOMER SERVICE: In the past, calling our broker was one of those things that we would try to avoid. More times than not when we call our brokers, something is ‘on fire’ (and not in a good way) and we need their help to manage the situation. There can be a lot of emotion on the traders part,
and if you are not speaking with someone with good customer service skills it can quickly turn your experience from bad to worse. Cobra Trading will not only pick up the phone almost instantly in our experience, but ALWAYS has someone friendly, eager and intelligent to manage anything you need help with.
If you have been in this industry for as long as we have, you know that is not often that we feel relieved and upbeat after getting off the phone with our broker. This was huge for us!

2.) MULTIPLE SHORT LOCATE SOURCES: How does Cobra Trading stack up against the other brokers we have used? We can truly say that we would be hard pressed to remember a time when Cobra did NOT have borrows on a big name, and whats better is that users have multiple instant locate options built
right into the platform. We often have the option to choose the cheaper locate source, which ultimately lowers our cost basis for the trade.

3.) FREE LOCATES ON HTB STOCKS: Free? As in, completely free? You heard that right. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that by using their instant chat box on their website, you can always ask if they have any free shares of the names on your watchlist – even in premarket!
If free shares are available Cobra will let you know and immediately allow you to access them without having to do anything else on your end. (Tip: Get there early, they are first come, first served.)

4.) NO OVERNIGHT SHORT LOCATE FEES: This one also really hit home for us. Brokers routinely charge double, triple, or quadruple the short locate fee when swinging short positions overnight! Say goodbye to that when switching to Cobra Trading! (Short interest fees still apply, as they do with many brokers). This one factor alone can significantly affect your bottom line.

5.) THE “REB25” ROUTE: What is the “REB25” route you ask? This route is available to Cobra clients in the dropdown menu on your montage and gives traders the ability to earn a $0.0025/share rebate on ANY stock over $1.00 when adding liquidity. What’s even cooler is that this rebate is applied to your account balance instantly, rather than waiting to receive the discount later in time!

We are more and more impressed with this broker as time goes on – which is why are proud to partner with Cobra Trading as an official affiliate and offer our clients the best solution for their trading needs!

If all of these perks were not enough, Cobra Trading has been generous enough to offer everyone who signs up using promo code “STT33” a 33% discount on commissions FOR LIFE and one month of FREE PLATFORM (DAS, STERLING)
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Until next time –

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