The Volume Forecast Study Guide - Part 1

Welcome back, Traders! Below you will find annotated charts detailing the most impressive volume forecast charts to study and level up your trading! This list is ever expanding, so make sure to check back for Part 2 in the future!
As you will soon come to realize, the patterns often seen in major stock squeezes are very similar to each other.
They usually consist of two components. 1.) A Volume Forecast alert (High Demand), and 2.) Price trapping in the form of manipulation to make the stock look weak.
These price traps come in many forms, and can be (but are not limited to) Double/Triple tops, new low of day, breaking below premarket high, breaking below the premarket low, large bearish candles with big volume, etc. Think of scenarios that encourage short sellers to attack the stock.
The major GAME CHANGER is in learning how to read the Volume Forecast. When the Volume Forecast is strong the chances of the stock collapsing are significantly lower, so when you see the bearish price action you know that looks may be (and often are) deceiving! Below you will find many examples of this and how our team analyzes the setups. Enjoy!

$AGRI 3/10/2022


$MULN 3/22/2022



$LGVN 3/31/2022



$SBFM 4/7/2022



$ATER 4/13/2022



$CASA 4/18/2022



$NURO 5/19/2022



$SIGA 5/20/2022



$RDBX 5/23/2022



$SIGA 5/27/2022



$TNXP 6/1/2022



$AERC 6/7/2022



$VERU 7/6/2022

Thank you for tuning into the blog! By now, we believe its blatantly obvious how important this tool is to have! If you are not yet subscribed to the Volume Forecast, you may use the link below to sign up.
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