Transform your trading with the revolutionary Anchored Moving Average indicator! Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional moving averages and experience the benefits of an anchored approach. Our innovative tool provides surprising results and is a must-have for any trader looking to take their analysis to the next level. Upgrade your trading strategy with the Anchored Moving Average today!”

Discover the power of our innovative indicator. Analyze the SMA or EMA from your preferred starting point for unique and highly efficient results.


  • The indicator includes two anchored EMA/SMA to enhance your understanding
  • When you add the indicator to your chart, you’ll be prompted to select two starting points for the calculations to begin.
  • The starting points can be easily adjusted through the indicator properties or by hovering your mouse over the vertical line and clicking the blue square that appears. This allows you to move the line to the desired location.
  • With the indicator properties, you can select between SMA and EMA, set the length, and choose the source (e.g. close, low, etc.).
  • The indicator properties give you the option to enable the Fibonacci Analysis (FIBS), which analyzes the distance between the lines and generates lines based on the Fibonacci sequence. The results are remarkable.

IIn this example, we have set the starting points to yesterday’s and today’s high of the day.