We all know the famous ANCHORED VWAP and we can say that it is a fantastic tool.

But why not have an anchored moving average ? It is for this reason that we created this indicator and the results were surprising.

This indicator analyzes from the desired starting point, the SMA or EMA, giving us unique and very efficient results.


  • The indicator comes with 2 anchored ema / sma so you can have more information.
  • When the indicator is put on the chart it will ask you to choose two starting points from where you want these calculations to start.
  • These starting points can be modified with the mouse or in the indicator properties, to modify it with the mouse just move the mouse over the vertical line and this little blue square will appear, click on this square and move the line to the new location desired.
  • In the indicator properties you can choose SMA or EMA, Length and source ( close,low ….)
  • In the indicator properties, you have the option to activate FIBS that analyzes the distance between both lines and generates lines based on Fibonacci, the results are impressive.

In this example we put the start points on Yesterday’s and today’s high of the da.


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