Alphatrends Smart AVWAP

    Every new or experienced trader knows the power of VWAP. In recent years the AVWAP (Anchored Vwap) which is simply the VWAP calculation from a specific point on the chart, such as high of the day ‘s AVWAP.
    This new approach created a revolution in technical analysis. The good news for traders is that we have traders like Brian Shannon who very kindly shares with the community all his AVWAP knowledge and analysis, being without a doubt the best in the area.

    Until now, this analysis was done manually and for each ticker that we analyze, but with Brian Shannon’s collaboration that will no longer be necessary, We developed  thanks our automated indicator that searches for these specific points for us in seconds, giving us the freedom to review several tickers at the same time.

    Our ALPHATRENDS SMART AVWAP offers us 24 options from which we can choose so that the indicator searches for us. The 24 options are:

    • Today’s High
    • Today’s Low
    • Current Week’s High
    • Current Week’s Low
    • Current Month’s High
    • Current Month’s Low
    • Current Quarter’s High
    • Current Quarter’s Low
    • Current Year’s High
    • Current Year’s Low
    • Yesterday’s High
    • Yesterday’s Low
    • Past Week’s High
    • Past Week’s Low
    • Past Month’s High
    • Past Month’s Low
    • Past Quarter’s High
    • Past Quarter’s Low
    • Past Year’s High
    • Past Year’s Low
    • WTD “Week to date”
    • M TD “Month to date”
    • QTD “Quarter to date”
    • YTD “Year to date”


    • Because there are several options, they are identified by colors that you can modify in the indicator properties, so you can also enable the legend for you can get a better idea of which line is which.

    NOTE: Colors modification has to be in the inputs tab and not in style tab so that the colors match the legend .

    • For the indicator to work correctly, the script has to see the desired point on the chart, for example, if you want to see past quarter ‘s High AVWAP in a 1 minute timeframe, the chart probably won’t show that moment, in this case the avwap line will not be shown and the box will show N/A

    We want to thanks Brian Shannon for collaborating with us in the creation of this powerful tool that will help the entire community.

    Brian is a fantastic trader and a great person, with a genuine sense of helping the trading community.

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