We all know the power of VWAP but having the ability to choose where you want it to calculate from gives you even more power.

We want to take the chance to thanking our great friend ALPHATREND who tested the indicator and helped us improve it.

With your purchase you will receive

AVWAP from date: With this indicator you only enter from which date you want the vwap to be calculated from, generally used for daily time frame.

AVWAP from time: With this indicator, just enter the hour and the indicator will look for that time in the last trading day

day AVWAP from Date and time: This indicator allows you to enter the time and date from when you want the indicator calculates VWAP, for example from 2 days ago in format ( yyyymmdd ) AT 10am

As a bonus we add a fantastic Automatic indicator that allows you to choose between 12 options from where the indicator will start calculating VWAP
These options can be chosen in the indicator properties:

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